Culture & Values

4 Service Principles


We work hard to retain our technical expertise

Customers partner with Mencast for the high standards we set ourselves. We are continuously learning, sharpening our skills and striving to improve ourselves to be the best possible partner to our customers.


We always seek solutions

At Mencast, we are determined to find a solution to your problem. Our flexibility, resourcefulness, and innovation approach equips us to anticipate, avoid and overcome any obstacles you might face.


We look out for one another

We believe in the value of teamwork and think of our Mencast team as a family; someone we can count on and trust. Not just when things go wrong but to share our successes too.


We focus on developing and maintaining long-term customer relationships

We consider our customers to be our partners not just today, but in the long run. We place our customers at the forefront of our business and make sure that our industry relationships and commercial acumen inform our service and capabilities.

6 Pillar of Strengths

Pillar 1

Commercially Minded/Corporate Ethos
  • Mencast has been built on thirty years of strong business results. Our commercial breadth and acumen, industry relationships and leadership inform our service and capabilities.
  • Our corporate ethos and structured approach to every project helps us deliver the most comprehensive solutions to benefit your businesses.

Pillar 2

Full Engagement
  • Mencast remains rooted to our humble origins and despite our growth we retain the dedication and humility of our small business heritage.
  • Through our strong team structure and easy-to-access top management, and our systems and processes, we are highly responsive, attentive and engaged.

Pillar 3

  • Every moment is valuable in the world of energy and no one understands this better than Mencast.
  • Our equipment is of the highest quality, our systems are uncompromising and our strategically located infrastructure allows us to complete projects reliably and respond to mission critical emergencies quickly.

Pillar 4

Superior Technical Ability
  • Mencast's accumulated workforce embodies expert technical expertise with a deep understanding of our industry sectors.
  • Whether it be in the factory, engineering or the boardroom, our skills, knowledge and judgment in engineering design, fabrication and servicing creates shared value for customers.

Pillar 5

Resourceful/Solution Oriented/Dependability
  • Innovation is not just about the big projects-it's about individuals, collaboration and creativity. At Mencast, "innovative" is not just a word in the marketing department, but a mindset that affects everything we do.
  • Our flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity and innovative approach equips us to anticipate, avoid and overcome any obstacles you might face.

Pillar 6

Environmental Championship
  • Mencast recognizes the interdependence we have with our communities and our environment and the effects our industry can have on nature and tomorrow.
  • Our eco-friendly sourcing of materials, green processes and high safety standards makes us the preferred partner of customers who value both cost and ecoconsciousness.