Looking for an exciting career in offshore, marine and oil & gas sectors? Join us at Mencast!

Mencast's rapid growth demands that we continued attracting exceptional people to build the strongest team to lead and shape the MRO sector for the offshore, marine and oil & gas industries.

Through our Centre of Excellence, we believe in providing our people the best learning and training opportunities, developing their leadership and technical skills to excel in their areas of expertise.

We recruit experts, professionals and young graduates, who are high achievers across all backgrounds, and will provide them an intellectual stimulating career to set standards for our industry.

We value individuals who not only have a passion to make a difference for what they do but also the people and communities around them. We welcome high energy job seekers who embrace integrity, work ethics and teamwork, and who are enthusiastic about growing with us.

If you are interested and have what it takes to be part of our successful team, we want to hear from you. Write to us at